Madeline {St Albert Newborn Photographer}

Corinne and I have known each other for the better part of twenty (!!) years, so it was a huge honour when she asked me to take he family's first photos with their newborn daughter. It was also great chatting with Chris - we couldn't figure out if we'd met before because we've both been kicking around the same circles for so long, but it was easy chilling with him while Madeline was taking her breaks. (He even accused me of flirting with his wife, which I totally was not - After almost twenty years, I know her way too well for that kind of nonsense!)

This session was great fun - Corinne said they'd barely slept because of a demanding 12-day-old the previous night, but I'm not sure I believe her because she looked far too well-rested and gorgeous! (Chris, Baxter & Madeline looked lovely, too.)