When Mom doesn't feel camera-ready {St Albert Newborn Photographer}

I recently had a newly postpartum mom apologize because she was mostly bedridden, and wouldn't be able to join her newborn session. So I set up shop in her bedroom - and she was gorgeous. (After a while, she even took a nap while Baby and I quietly took some photos next to her beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows - it was fantastic.)

If you're like me after my first (I was a wreck), the best family photos are going to be with Mom sitting in bed cradling the newest member of the family. If you're like my sister-in-law (Superwoman), we can have group shots standing next to windows, sitting on benches, whatever works for the comfort of your new family.

If you're feeling frumpy and leaky and exhausted, trust that I will make you feel beautiful. I use light to bring out the best in everyone, even when they don't have the energy to shower, let alone pull a brush through their hair. (I looked like a deathly-pale red-eyed vampire after my first, on top of having gained 60lbs. But I could've made myself look great if I'd had the energy to set up the camera!)

My job is to work with each family to find the right shot for them. When everyone is feeling well, I move subjects around to create the best shots. When someone is feeling less than 100%, I create those shots around them, bring the light to them, adjust to the situation. No matter how you're feeling, we will get the right shot for your family, for your situation, and for your comfort-level.

Moms have all kinds of recoveries, and there is absolutely no need to apologize for any ability level after a baby is born. Having a baby is hard and it's my job to make sure that all photography sessions are relaxing and custom-tailored to each family.

And? There will be plenty of opportunity for tired parents to sit back and watch (or nap!) while Baby gets the one-on-one star treatment.