Newborn Session Atmosphere {St Albert Newborn Photography}

I posted this photo of a father and son on Twitter recently - I really love everything about it, from the way the baby is being cradled, to the fantastic scruff on Dad's face, to the stretched out newborn toes...


And I received a great question about this type of newborn session...

This exchange left me wanting to explain in more than 140 characters, so here it goes...

Beforehand: I wouldn't really classify this part as stressful, but I am pretty amped up. Before a session, I review all the client details - names, siblings, pets, any special details. I make sure I know where the client's home is and ensure that I give myself ample time to get there (Google Maps, woot!). Then there are my checklists (oh, the lists - some things really haven't changed since giving up my 9-5!) - equipment lists, cleaning lenses, prop lists, review of session flow and image lists, packing. Right before a session, I often chill by myself and mentally walk through the session - I love that a photography session can give me such a rush!

During: When I finally meet up with clients, I feel a wonderful sense of calm. Clients often comment about how relaxed I seem - Truly, nothing phases me and I'm very good at going with the flow. (Baby is awake and squirmy? I roll with it. Mom isn't feeling great? We make her sit and relax. Poop on my wraps? All good, with two kids I have lots of laundry practice. Mom wants privacy for an epic nursing session? I'm happy to chill quietly, no rush.) 

For this particular session, this 7-day-old was all about cluster-feeding. While he was nursing, it was great just sitting and chatting with his mom - it was fun answering her questions about my nursing experience (2 kids, 26 months total, all the problems :) and talking about the joy of older children. This was one of my longer sessions, but it was wonderful to be so relaxed and take Baby's lead.

After: I'm all but bursting with excitement after a session - I can hardly wait to take a look at the images and start putting galleries together. Often clients will get a sneak peek on the same day as their session - I get really excited about the photos. (For evening maternity sessions, I'm often way too wired to sleep when I get home - it makes for an interesting morning when my kids are up at 6am the next day!) After the first day, I force myself not to look at the photos for a day or two - it helps me gain a bit of perspective and deliver the best gallery possible. Then, I edit and make images print-ready. Then I send the client gallery. Then I get to hear the reactions of clients to their images. So. Much. Fun.

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