Fall Extended Family Photos {St Albert Family Photographer}

One of my closest work friends introduced Joanne and I when we were still teenagers... We saw each other at social events, we were casual acquaintances. Then I moved to the other side of the planet, and so did she. In 2007, we reconnected again when her home in Fukuoka served as my home base for my first solo international vacation - it was the first time we'd spent any time alone together, and she couldn't have been a more gracious host. It seems like a lifetime ago that Joanne showed me the sights of the biggest city I'd ever been in, in her little corner of Kyushu. 

After almost a decade without seeing each other, it was wonderful reconnecting again to capture family photos in celebration of her parents' 40th wedding anniversary. It's wild thinking back to the kids we were - and it's incredible how much we have in common, and how our so many of our values values seem to align. I really enjoyed this session.

(Camera-shy grandparents not shown. ;)