Daughters {St Albert portrait photography}

I've always suspected that my daughters were cooler than me, but my oldest definitively proved her edginess earlier this month.

"Mom, I want to shave half my head."

"Um. Ok. Can you show me some pictures of what you'd like? Did someone at school shave half their head?"

"No one at school has hair like what I want. There is a boy who has a shaved head, but that's not what I want."

So... we found photos of what she wanted... and we waited a couple weeks to book anything with the stylist.

She was so excited.

The stylist was stoked about such a fun cut, but as she was cutting, she commented that she's always very conservative when she cuts because she doesn't want to cut too much. My daughter's reply, given with a heavy eye-roll:

"Hair grows back, so going too short is no big deal!"

So. I'm obviously doing something right.

(Despite appearances, this kid rarely stops laughing.)