Newborn Session - What to Expect

What to wear:
At the end of the day, wear what you feel the most comfortable and/or fabulous in! "Matching" outfits generally look pretty cheesy in photos (which is great if that's what you want!) and anything with an obvious logo or picture can be distracting, so dressing parents/siblings in simple complementary colours is your best bet. Clothes with layering and lots of texture look especially good in photos. Please remove watches and other jewellery that might be distracting, although a standout accessory can be fabulous. Watch out for cotton or wool pilling on clothing! If you'd like some great skin to skin shots, make sure you have a cami (or similar) handy! Newborns can wear special outfits, but I think they look especially precious in their birthday suits or in very simple diaper covers/clothing. Also, please loosen clothing/diapers about 30 minutes before the session to avoid any imprint marks in photos. 

Other details:
Although the baby will be the star of this session, parents and siblings are important costars! Nothing exceptional is required to prepare, but a few details will make photos that much better:
Hands: Make sure nails are trimmed and tidy - your hands will be front and centre in a few photos!
Hair: Simple is great. Wear your hair how you're most comfortable and all will be well. Ensure that children have brushed hair prior to photos.
Tattoos: I love tattoos. If you or your partner have tattoos that you'd like to showcase, please let me know beforehand and ensure that you're wearing clothing that either shows your tattoos or can be removed easily to add interest to your newborn shoot.

How to prepare your home & baby:

  1. For the best chance at a happy baby throughout the session, make sure your house is comfortably warm.
  2. Open all the blinds! Although I only need a small space close to a window, the extra light coming in will definitely help with creating great light.
  3. Make your bed! (If you're comfortable with cozy family cuddling photos.) Family bed shots can be fantastic - if this is something you're interested in, a simple light-coloured bedspread will make for the most striking photos - please tell me if you'd like me to bring one along!
  4. For the best chance at those sleeping baby shots, undress and feed your baby right before your session - keep them in a loose diaper and a blanket to keep them comfy. Babies are most likely to sleep soundly if they have a full tummy and when they aren't disturbed by being undressed.
  5. For goodness sake, don't worry about cleaning up! You just had a baby and you have far better things to do than clean dishes and deal with laundry! (If you do have a clean house, I will be wildly envious - I still haven't mastered the art of keeping a clean house with two little tornadoes running around!)

The boring details:
If we haven't done so before your session, we'll go through all the official bits and bobs when I arrive. I have a standard contract that outlines what I'm providing, copyright fun stuff, what we're both allowed to do with the photos, when you'll have your finished product, additional products available, etc. If the session fee has not yet been paid in full, we can also sort this out before your session - cash/cheque/credit card are accepted - before getting to the fun parts. I'll also go through what to expect during the session, and how I'll be cycling though different shots. I'd be more than happy to meet you beforehand to sort this all out if you'd prefer to get straight into the fun part during your session!

When I arrive, I will scope out the more open areas of your home to find the best place to set up for photos. I'll be looking for great light and good space to move around in. If you'd like a specific area of your home included in photographs (nursery, etc.), I will also take a look at those areas to get an idea of how I can take the best photos for the space. Then, I might move some furniture around to get the best spot (don't worry, I'll put everything back before I leave!). I'll also ask if you have any special items - handmade blankets, particular gifts - that you would like included in photos. Please tell me if there are any shots in particular that you'd like me to get, so I can make them a priority!

Photo time!
How the actual session goes really depends on how your baby is feeling. If she's wide awake and happy to be moved around, we'll get some great shots of open eyes, cuddles with mom/dad/siblings before trying to get some cozy wrapped poses. If your baby is having a bit of rough day, the best shots will likely be with a beautiful textured swaddle or cuddled closely with mom/dad. No matter how you and your baby are feeling, we'll take our time and make sure that your baby is comfortable and safe throughout the session.

After you session, I may take up to 1 week to complete the finished images.

Your photos:
Once your photos are completed, I will provide a link to an online gallery where you can view and select your images. Once you select your images, they will be available for download within four business days. If you prefer to have prints or photobooks completed through me, à la carte items and print packages are available.

That's it! If you have any additional questions before or after your session, please don't hesitate to contact me!